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    Managerial Analyzer

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    April 14, 2019

  • "Performs analyses on the state of a company"

Managerial Analyzer is recommended by many economists who see in it the ideal tool to carry out in-depth analysis of both finance and the economy at the business and individual level.

These analyses are carried out after the introduction of the relevant data, which are used by the program in order to obtain the results that are offered in record time. Each of them is related to individual areas of an economic or financial nature: profitability, balance sheets, and so on.

Managerial Analyzer generates information not only in text, but also in graphics that are ideal for quickly understanding all data. Before starting to use the tool it is advisable to consult the tutorials included.

Your system allows you to import information from Excel in order to deal with it. Reports can be exported to that program and to other formats.